Having begun his childhood with Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits on repeat, a young Anthony Chiofalo desperately wanted to play “Piano Man” himself. So at age 5, he began piano lessons. While he did succeed in giving his teacher an incredible amount of grief, he did not get anywhere near Billy Joel capability. But he still loved music.

When it was time to choose an instrument in 3rd grade, Chio followed his cousin’s lead and chose the clarinet — a mistake which would haunt him, as well as fellow school band members, for years. Nonetheless, at the behest of his parents, he stuck it out until 8th grade. As much as he did not like the clarinet or structured school band environment, when he turned on the radio, he still loved music.

Things changed when Chio found his sonic niche in his early teens, listening to KROCK spin classics like Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” and Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” He continued to dive further into the rock genre upon discovering Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon in his Dad’s CD collection and watching VH1’s 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock countdown. At age 13, when he found a guitar in his grandparents’ basement, he began down a road he’d never be able to turn back from.

Anthony spent his teen years bouncing from band to band as a guitar player and songwriter. He studied Jazz Guitar for a year in college before dropping out of the music program. For some time after that, he put music to the side to focus on other things and get a broader perspective on life. However, he’d find music was too big a part of him to not play a central role in it all.

Chio returned to focusing on music and began seriously writing and arranging original songs. He continues to work on original material, record, and perform in a variety of capacities.