Divide and Conquer Review

The guys over at Divide and Conquer reached out to me a few weeks back about reviewing Unlearned Lessons. They have a pretty solid amount of quality reviews coming out everyday and so I was pretty stoked to be one of them. Plus my music had never been rated numerically before…so yeah, I guess that’s a decent bucket list item to be able to check off?

Well, it’s finally here – I didn’t break any records, but hey, with this grade, I would have passed math class. And insight into my songs is always interesting.

After all the effort that goes into making music, it’s just cool to know people are taking the time to listen. That’s really what matters to me.

If you’re interested, you can check out the review here.

And if you have your own “review” of the EP, or just want to talk music and guitars, hit me up anytime.



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