Unlearned Lessons

Unlearned Lessons is the title of my first release, a five-song EP I recorded in the Spring of 2018. Some of the songs were written in whole or in part a while back – like a decade. Nonetheless, they seem to have timeless relevance to me. That’s where the significance of the title comes from.

Unlearned Lessons was pulled from one of the tracks on the EP called “Into the Waves.” The full line in that song is:

“We all still feel it, subtle heat. Unlearned lessons, always repeat.”

The song as a whole is about growing up and feeling the pressure of so many different aspects of life, and getting fed up to where you just want to get away from it all. In the chorus, I use surfing as a metaphor for escape, singing “I just want to jump into the waves.”¬† Surfing’s my metaphor, but the line itself represents anything that helps you get away from the seemingly endless challenges we all have to deal with.

It seems that until we figure out how to remove ourselves from whatever cycle we’re playing out, and find a way to move past the continuous and familiar problems we face time and time again, there is only temporary escape in whatever you do to get through it. Until you understand why you’re going through the same patterns and what’s at the root of it, your “unlearned lessons” will always repeat.

The line and the idea really hit home for me. So much so that I wanted to use it as the name of my first EP. I hope it’s just as significant in your own experience as in mine, and that the music resonates with you in a meaningful way.

But really, I’ll just be happy if you think it rocks.



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