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A very cool review of my song “The Rebel Inside.” Check out the other songs reviewed here as well. They rock.

Mind Noise Network

Ey up! Today James takes the reigns on our daily singles review, picking out a fresh batch of talent worthy of your listening attention. While you’re out enjoying the bank holiday weekend, he’s been sat digging through new music all day, nothing but love eh!

Chio – The Rebel Inside


Allow ‘The Rebel Inside’ a good minute or so to really kick in, while the initial opening of Chio‘s US radio rock sound didn’t really do much to win me over, once that chorus starts, man, it’s like a different song altogether. What’s more impressive was finding out that Chio is just a one man rock and roll operation, and with writing choruses as big as this, it won’t be long before he’ll be getting noticed further. Chio’s new EP Unlearned Lessons is available on all media platforms, check it out! For…

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