“Who Do You Sound Like?”

One of the challenges I had while bringing my songs to life was identifying where they fit in on the musical spectrum. I know I play rock music. Yeah, it gets a little softer here and heavier there, and sometimes a little more abstract…maybe less alt rock, more classic rock at times. But “rock” is a broad genre and I think I fit comfortably within it.

People continue to ask specifically what artists my music sounds like. Fair enough, it’s not available for you to hear yet, but I’m usually at a loss with that question.

I had come up with some answers, but nothing that felt accurate. I also didn’t like to try to fit what I did into some other artist’s slot. That’s missing the whole point of writing original music.

I have influences. Tons of them. But I never want to imitate, replicate or steer too close towards someone else’s creations. Otherwise I might as well just play their songs.

Writing original music should come from a place that’s all your own. Sure, it’s going to reflect things that you enjoy, but you should direct and filter it as little as possible, because your value as a creator is in your unadulterated originality.

Unless you’re gunning to be signed as a pop artist, as an independent musician, you have the freedom to not sound like anyone else, and do it with a smile on. And that’s exactly what you should do. And I hope that’s what I’ve done.

Soon enough, I’ll find out.



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